Can twitter encourage more people to #VisitNorfolk and #VisitNorwich?

Here’s a quick idea…and you can help

I don’t know how many people in Norfolk use twitter – but let’s be scientific and say ‘quite a lot’ (nice round number). Now I suspect most – say ‘a fair percentage’ (with figures like this I could be Chancellor) have a pretty favourable view of Norfolk and Norwich – as they should (fine city, blue sky county and all that). So here’s my thinking…

If all those happy Norfolk tweeple made a point of tweeting their followers two to three good reasons to #VisitNorfolk and #VisitNorwich every day – promoting local events, independent shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, pubs, hotels, great visitor attractions, quirky facts, fun things to do, places to visit…with links to blogs, videos, websites etc…oh you get the picture! If we all did that (I know many of you do already) – if they made a point of using the hashtags #VisitNorfolk or #VisitNorwichAND encouraged their army of followers around the world to RT such things – do you think it would make a difference?

Although we might not get #VisitNorfolk and #VisitNorwich trending, we could at least help raise awareness of all the wonderful things going on in our beautiful county. If we all acted as a collective marketing agency for Norfolk and Norwich, which is arguably the finest fine city in the UK (if you’ll excuse the hyperbole) do you think we could make a real difference? I do.

Be the change

I know we have various agencies who are doing their bit to promote tourism – Visit Norfolk, Visit Norwich, HEART, World Class Norfolk, The Broads Authority, to name a few. But let’s be honest – they can’t do it alone. They work for us and deserve our support.

So how about it? I think it’s worth a try (obviously – I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t) – but it will take time to get going – and it will need everyone to persevere. Don’t just leave it to the passionate few – get passionate too.

I know we can get the momentum, because on 1 March 2010 I launched a facebook page (now closed) to back Norwich’s bid to be the first UK city of culture in 2013. By the time the winner (sadly not Norwich) was announced in July 2011 we had nearly 7000 followers – yes 7000 in just over 4 months!  So, think what we could achieve in a year on twitter.

Here’s the incentive

If you live and work in Norfolk you probably depend on the health of the local economy for your livelihood or, at the very least, your quality of life. More visitors means a healthier local economy and that benefits us all. So, if you like the idea of this post, please give it some stars, add your name in the comments at the bottom and share the message with your friends today.

Thank you.


PS: Edited slightly a year later (22 March 2012) for accuracy of web-links – otherwise this is substantially the same post.

PPS: See also my later post about #NaNTwiNk – thank you.

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