Blogging for charity.

If you read our blogs ( and please support Nelson’s Journey because they support bereaved children in Norfolk.

Losing a parent or other loved one can be a devastating experience for young people. They often need more support than grieving relatives can give – that’s where Nelson’s Journey can help. They offer counselling and support to children through this difficult time.

If you enjoy our posts – or find them useful or interesting – please help a grieving child by donating £1 (or more if you can spare it) to Nelson’s Journey today. Thank you for your generosity.

JustGiving - Please sponsor us

Donating with JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your money goes direct to the charity, saving the charity time and helping them cut costs.

What will your money buy?

Nelson’s Journey has provided us with a handy guide to the sort of thing they could buy with your money:

  • £5 could buy a teddy bear for a bereaved child
  • £10 could buy a Nelson’s Journey hoodie, which go to all the young people who receive 1:1 support or attend an activity day or therapeutic weekend
  • £20 could buy bereavement work books for children
  • £50 could fund resources used by our Child Bereavement Support Workers in 1:1 support sessions, suchs as a Memory Box, art and craft materials, therapeutic work books, a Memory Bear and so on
  • £300 could pay for a bereaved young person to attend a therapeutic weekend
  • £522 could fund an assessment of a child’s bereavement needs, attendance on a therapeutic weekend and 1:1 follow up work
  • £7,200 could fund 24 children to attend a therapeutic weekend.

As you can see, even a small amount can help – while a large amount can go a long way to transforming lives.

Thank you for your support – and for reading this post.

Kind regards

Wendy and Huw Sayer

@HuwSayer / @Business_Write

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17 thoughts on “Blogging for charity.

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  6. Having used the similar Winstons Wish for my sons friend (who I had to tell that his mother had died), I will be donating to Nelsons.

    I also think it is disgusting that hospices and their affiliated services are not fully funded by the government and our taxes. What they do is comapritively inexpensive and saves health and social care a lot more money in the medium to long term.


    • Thank you Nic – that must have been a terrible experience for you and the lad. I think your point is well made – this sort of service does so much to prevent long term mental health issues it seems crazy not to fund it.


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