Please sponsor #NorRaceChicks TODAY because @MacMillanNfk needs you!

Please sponsor the  #NorRaceChicks – and me – TODAY because, in a moment of madness, I have signed up to walk 13 MILES tomorrow night with them (as an honorary #chapchick!) on the #starlightwalknorwich organised by @SportsparkUEA to raise funds for @macmillannfk – which supports cancer patients in Norfolk.

Rather than setting up my own @JustGiving page, please may I ask you to give generously via this page, which is for @JewelleryGenie (who is one of the chicks – others include @RedCatSarah @NorthcoteBeers @bearbrewing  @kilnockers & @NorfolkBrides – my apologies if I have missed anyone, please add your names below).

For more details of the walk – there’s still time to join the fun – visit

Thank you for all your support – if all my twitter followers gave just £2 we would easily raise over £1000 for an excellent cause.

Best wishes



2 thoughts on “Please sponsor #NorRaceChicks TODAY because @MacMillanNfk needs you!

  1. Well I am delighted to say that the AWESOME #NorRaceChicks completed the #starlightwalknorwich in 4hrs (plus 10 mins for a comfort break at the Brickmakers Arms). With your help they raised over £170 for @MacMillanNfk – feel free to add a bit more today – and don’t forget the gift aid!

    It was an exhilarating but exhausting night. We were near the back of the line at the start (just after midnight) so the going was slow (much kicking of heals – nearly) – but as the line thinned, the Chicks (led by @RedCatSarah) saw their chance, upped their pace and started overtaking. Settling into a brisk march the team moved resolutely on past the mile markers.

    Throughout the night the conversation flowed effortlessly (with barely a pause for hills, sips of water or munching of chocolate), with each Chick circulating casually to talk to one-another. Despite steady rain, the team spirit was excellent – when one Chick flagged the others were there to encourage you on. @NorthCoteBeers in particular did an excellent job of leading us up the steepest part of the course – Harvey Lane – at a hard Yomp, on the perfectly reasonable grounds that going slow only made the pain last longer.

    By the 10 mile mark the gruelling pace was really beginning to tell – I had foolishly believed Sarah when she promised me “a stroll” – as was my age (I hadn’t walked more than 7 miles since I was in my early 20s) – but the team kept together and kept going. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that women aren’t tough – the #NorRaceChicks showed real steel that night – driving themselves on even though it wasn’t a race and there was no prize for finishing early (save the thought of an excellent full-cooked breakfast @ RedCatSarah’s house). I was impressed – and knackered!

    Thank you to @RedCatSarah @NorthcoteBeers @bearbrewing @JewelleryGenie & @NorfolkBrides for inviting me to walk with them – it was a real honour and great fun – it was also for a very good cause and we were all delighted that the event raised over £15,000 for @MacMillanNfk, who do some great work in our local community. Thank you everyone for your support – here’s to doing it all again next year.


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