Working for free – interesting blogs

I have read three four interesting blogs on working for free in the last few weeks – all of them come to pretty much the same conclusion: DON’T DO IT!  But don’t take my word for it – read them:

Here this first by Ryan Watts (@RyanWattsPhotos) with additional comments from readers including me:

Here is the second from Dan Gavrovski (@Bananafudgestud) who also added a comment to Ryan’s blog – OK not strictly not about working for free – but more about why good work costs good money.

And hHere is the third from Pato (@PatsRants) who deals a wonderful legal put down to an outrageous music industry ad

And of course, here is the fourth (knew I had forgotten something – very sorry Mary, not just because your blog is good but also because I think it was the second one on the subject that I read) – the excellent Mary Hamilton (@NewsMary) and

Hope you enjoy.



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